Why use bathymetry data?

Bathymetry data can be overlaid on any SST or chlorophyll image to easily determine the location of temperature and color breaks in relation to undersea structure like canyons, shelf edges and seamounts. Essential when Finding fish.

Seeing the ocean floor beneath a chlorophyll, temperature or color image will show where the best water crosses underwater hills, valleys and cliffs.


How to use the bathymetry data

Center the cursor over an area where good water meets bathymetric structure to get accurate coordinates of the best fishing grounds.


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    Selim Akturk

    Hello, I downloaded the application to my android phone and purchased an annual subscription, but the bathymetry maps shown on your website are not available in this application.
    I use another app I also use Navionics Boating and fishing maps;
    I bought it because yours is better, but I think there's something wrong.

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