Change my position iOS

Important notes

  • You can navigate the whole globe freely, but you must accordingly set the region for the datasets
  • Check the region showing at the top of the app screen - is it correct?
  • If your current position is outside the region you have selected you'll be taken to an area of the map with no data

  • See The map is empty and data won't load if experiencing issues

Using your current location

Hit the compass arrow in the screenshot to bring the map to your current location.


Then click the region you've got selected at the top of the screen and select Use My Current Location.




Moving the Map

Use your finger to move the map around. Use two fingers in a "pinch" or "spread" motion to zoom in or zoom out.


Selecting a new region


Hit the region's name at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear of wider-reaching regions (click to see subregions within). The region you have selected is marked with a green tick. 



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