How do I use Waypoints?

This article covers:

How to Set Waypoints & Calculate Distance Between Waypoints.


To set a Waypoint. Move the crosshairs to the position you want to save and tap on the Waypoints button.



Name the Waypoint and hit Save



Waypoints are then overlayed on the map. If you aren't seeing your saved Waypoints, make sure they are "toggled on" in the Imagery & Overlays menu.



Click on a Waypoint, and then click the banner with the Waypoint's name to bring up further information.




From this page: see the Lat/Lon of the position, add notes & edit the Waypoint's name (in red), calculate the distance & heading to another saved Waypoint (in green), or delete the Waypoint using the 3 dots in the top right corner (in blue). Exit the page and return to the map using the X symbol in the top left.




Calculating distance/heading to another waypoint. Hit Select Point and choose from a list of other saved Waypoints, or your current location.




Hit Done and the heading/distance to the selected Waypoint will appear in the Distance Calculator box.






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