How do I use Offline Mode?

Offline Mode is designed to be used offshore so that you can access and use your saved imagery.


Essential notes

*Make sure to sign in before you leave WiFi and cell coverage.

*Make sure you save whatever you need to access before leaving WiFi and cell coverage.

  1. Load up the imagery you require, and then hit the download button (#4 on the App Map) and wait for the loading bar at the bottom of the screen to pass.
  2. Do this for any other images or overlays you'll need to access while away from cell coverage (SST, Chlorophyll, True Color) and hit that download button.
  3. Test you've got what you need – enter aeroplane mode, and then close/open the app again. Hit the Imagery & Overlays button (#4 on the App Map) and you'll see much less on offer. The overlays you saved in step 2 will be listed under the Saved imagery. Select them to overlay the saved image on your map view. You can also access saved waypoints.


More notes:

*Once in Offline mode, you will not be able to log out. This is so you have access to all your saved imagery and waypoints.

*You will not have access to new images, Points of Interest, overlays, forecasts, or map data.

*You will be able to change your saved imagery.

*The app enters Offline Mode whenever your device does not have service. This means that if you are in an area with weak or spotty service, you will find that your app might go in and out of this mode.



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