How do I access my membership information?

Important notes

  • If you subscribed through the app, you access your membership information through your app store account
  • If you subscribed on our website, you access your membership information through


1. Log in to your Premium account on and click Account from the top right of the website homepage

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2. Choose SUBSCRIPTION. You can check:

  • Next billing date
  • How much you'll be charged 
  • Payment methods on file
  • Subscription plan

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If you subscribed through our mobile app, your Premium membership needs to be managed through your Apple ID or Google Play account. cannot issue refunds, cancel subscriptions or bring you from monthly to annual, for example. This needs to be done with the relevant app store.

Their billing systems are entirely different to ours, we cannot even see your billing information or payment methods. However, we are still more than happy to assist you through any difficulties!

Here are some links to help you access your membership information

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